Emotional wellness pdf writer. Introduzione la caduta degli dei libro di mauro biglino ed enrico baccarini. Mauro Biglino; Altri autori; Anteprime;. Mauro Biglino is an Italian scholar of history of religions, he published in Italy focused on the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament are entitled "Il Libro che . LIBRI MAURO BIGLINO EPUB - Top Pdf. Mauro Biglino torna con un nuovo libro in cui prende in esame sia l'Antico che il Nuovo Testamento!.

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Mauro Biglino - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. focused on the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament are entitled "Il Libro che. Download Mauro Biglino - La Bibbia Non è Un Libro Sacro. Mauro Biglino (born September 13, , Torino) is an Italian author, essayist and translator. In his book La Bibbia non è un libro sacro, the author seeks to show that concepts of . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

A dark celestial body has also been seen a planet or a brown dwarf star? In August researchers at Southwest Research Institute Colorado and University of California Santa Cruz developed a computerized simulation model which shows that about 4. Matese University of Louisiana affirm that the gravity exerted by a now invisible, but very large body, would considerably slow down the exit of terrestrial probes from the solar system.

These individuals would have landed on our planet in search of gold because this metal was essential to create a sort of greenhouse effect on their planet: pulverized and released into the atmosphere it would slow the process of gradual cooling that NIBIRU was suffering. Indeed, this was an age entirely devoted to research, mining and processing of gold, an age when men had a direct relationship with the gods.

As we know, the ground was rich in oil and was therefore a valuable source of energy for the structures that were to be built. Moreover, the vast plains were appropriate for the construction of landing strips.

This entire expedition was commanded by a being whom we might consider emperor, named ANU, the absolute ruler living on Nibiru. A shift of command occurred when ENKI took control of the diggings in South African gold mines, in the territory that would nowadays correspond to Zimbabwe.

The Sumerians say that, after tens of thousands!

Homo habilis? The Sumerian myth tells us that the gods, forced to work in these gold mines digging and piling up earth, complained for their quality of life and blamed ENKI for their troubled situation. She suggested that he create a substitute for gods - a double - so that they could break free from the burden of work.

She suggests that he create, or mold, some servants. Her son replied that such creatures actually already existed and he asked her to modify the species, and to place upon them the image of themselves, the gods.

All this happened about , years ago in Northern Zimbabwe and, it is right around that time and in that part of East Africa that palaeontologists would trace the appearance of Homo sapiens.

Thus, isn't it a curious coincidence that Genesis 2. The figure of the Mother Goddess, which is variously studied, analyzed, symbolically interpreted, and psychoanalytically explained as being identified with Mother Earth Our closest relatives have culturally and technically evolved much more slowly to the point that they cannot even be remotely compared to us.

A quest for free thinkers

Here too, the explanation is much simpler than all of the various ruminations generated from religions, anthropology, psychoanalysis and so on. The real or psychoanalytic descriptions of the abyss, of hell, of the subconscious, along with all of the theories that followed , constituted the basis of the concept of receiving a heavenly reward vs.

The worker's efficiency made his presence useful also in the land of Sumer biblical Shin'ar. Homo sapiens then worked for the Anunnaki delivering services that were progressively more sophisticated: from the simple and brutal ground digging he eventually became a true servant, useful for any type of task. The process was this: dna was first taken from young anunnaki's blood and then inserted into the hominid's egg cell.

Upon receiving the new genetic material, the egg was then implanted into the uterus of Anunnaki females, who carried the fertilized egg through pregnancy and finally childbirth. Both males and females were produced through this technique of genetic engineering.

This, by the way is precisely the function that many myths give to the Mother Goddesses! The Adama did not possess any Knowledge that could make him similar to the gods, such as the ability to give life to another being. He did this without the approval of his brother. We report here an element that immediately connects us to the biblical stories: ENKI was depicted as a snake, a creature that, living in underground dens, knew the most in-depth secrets. ENLIL sentenced them to seek food for themselves.

Men then began to multiply on their own and to populate the territory.

In the meantime, it had also become very difficult to manage the problems resulting from an uncontrollable growing mass of people. Disastrous consequences were about to affect the entire planet. This event, worldwide known as The Flood, happened about 13, years ago, at the end of the last great ice age.

The ANUNNAKI already knew about it, and ENLIL took advantage of this opportunity to achieve his goal at the expense of humanity: he decided to temporarily leave the planet without alerting humankind, condemning them all to extinction, along with all of the animals inhabiting the planet.

ENKI knew that after a time, the normal conditions of life re-establish. It is curious to note how the Bible's editors, anxious to affirm the oneness of 25 God, have revisited this conflict between two gods by turning it into a sort of inner conflict experienced by the one God Gen Chapter 6 : He decides to wipe humanity off the Earth,but then has a second thought and finally chooses to redeem one just and pure man, who had found his favor, and with whom he made a new pact.

Egyptians attribute to Thoth the desire to erase humanity. Let's continue now with our brief summary. There are three main areas of 26 development where archaeology has found proof of the existence of major human civilizations: Lower Mesopotamia Sumer , the Nile Valley and the Indus Valley.

This area was probably corresponding to the current Sinai. The Egyptian myths of the origins tell that Ptah name of Egyptian origins and not Semitic's In short, it was the new space station built to replace the previous one which was destroyed by the Flood, with its headquarters in Jerusalem.

The Research Work

Coincidentally, Sumerians say that, long after the Flood, the command center was brought to Earth: around BC, which is when the Sumerian days' computation and the Jewish calendar actually begin! They acquired their power from Knowledge, which was transferred to only a few.

Contrary to what was later said, however, this was about a very practical knowledge, concerning the technical and cultural development of the people to be governed: construction, cultivation and breeding techniques, as well as mathematic, scientific and astronomical knowledge.

In short, this knowledge was nothing spiritual, but instead a kind of practical knowledge, guaranteeing that the few could exercise power through control of those activities necessary for the development of the subjected human populations!

The king-priests above all, possessed astronomical knowledge: a basic science for ANUNNAKI, who needed to know precisely about the planetary orbits in order to plan their trips to and from their home planet.

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Some say that the astronomical knowledge of ancient peoples arose from a need for them to be able to develop and practice agriculture, but we all know that the astronomical information needed to cultivate fields is very minor, and confined to events that affect, at most, the weather and possibly the moon cycles.

Scientists knew how to predict exactly what is happening in the sky, even several millennia in advance, including the locations of the stars and planets at any given time, the eclipses, and the comets' movements. Those who possessed and controlled the Tablet of Destinies held the power. Today, astrology has become a way to try and predict the future of individuals.

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How far we are from the scientific knowledge of the Tablets of Destinies, characterized by a thorough astronomical knowledge necessary to travel long distances throughout the skies! They were beings made of flesh and bones; in fact, they fought for power. And ever since then, over the centuries and in absence of direct contact, men began to develop a spiritual vision of divinity, and to make assumptions about when the reunion between creature and creator would occur again.

In fact, NIBIRU returns every years, its elliptical orbit making it cross with our Solar System; this would actually make it a planet of our system. It would also be returning towards Earth, as it has repeatedly done in the past: after having reached in AD the farthest point from the Sun, Nibiru today would have already travelled more than half the journey back in its approach toward the inner planets, including the Earth The Sumerians The Sumerian culture suddenly appeared around BCE with an almost- formed culture, and complete with scientific, astronomical, mathematical and linguistic skills!

A large number of tribes, including Yadavas, Dravidians, and others descend onto the Saptha Sindhu region.

It takes on a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere in India with several languages and races existing at the same time. Indonesians migrate from the northeast to the Gujarat region and, on their integration with Dravidians, Saivism gets adopted in Gujarat.

Because of the complete change in socioeconomic, religious, and linguistic climate, this era then comes to be called Dwapar Yuga. Btu let's continue: Some of these tribes that moved in to inhabit India grow in strength, become quite powerful, and rule most of the country. A fight erupts among them, culminating in one of the greatest wars of history, the Mahabharat. Krishna is born into the Yadava households and is the key player of the war and the events around this time.

He is believed to be God himself who walked on earth.

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He dies accidentally and is believed to have risen from the dead on the seventh day after being pinned to a tree for six days. The flood is followed by a great famine of three centuries, the Great Drought of BC, completely destroying the fabric of the civilization and causing large-scale displacement. Yadavas move out of India and settle in Israel under a derived name of Jews. They give up idol worship and settle there in the worship of Krishna as Yahweh.

Under instructions from Moses, any references to places in India are removed and replaced from their scriptures, as Moses did not want Jews to trace their roots back to India.

However, their entire theology, including their covenant with God, can be easily traced back to Krishna. Likewise, other inhabitants of the Saptha Sindhu region move out and settle in distant parts of Europe and Asia.

These migrators from Saptha Sindhu are joined by other migrators from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and other regions, who are also displaced by the drought, and a new gigantic civilization springs up in Europe. The migrators from Saptha Sindhu region take their religion with them. The legends of Krishna go in different forms and shapes, leading to several cults of Christ like saviors across the world, ultimately being adopted into Christianity—the names and the entire theology being that of Krishna, including that of the Purusha-Nara-Narayana Trinity, while the actual personality is that of some other enlightened soul.

Dravidians in India move downwards from Gujarat toward Tamilnadu. The despondency of the drought makes people call the new era as Kali Yuga — the age of suffering. What cause this "drought"? This war have never ended, but the end is near. Dwarka was destroyed by Indra's thunderbolts and burnt to ashes. Jews migrated south, south-west. States William G.

Erdmans Publishing Company, Cambridge, ; pg The only reason why their scriptures talk about Egypt is because their scriptures were modified at a later point of time.

This was done under instructions from Moses for particular reasons. You must have already heard about the claim that Jews are Yadavas of India, the tribe in which Krishna, the Godly figure of Indians, was born.

The very name Hebrew is derived from Abhirah, a tribe associated with Krishna in Indian epic Mahabharat. Those days, people living in India were called Devas. And when these external people migrated into India from an external region called Yah, the local people called them the Devas of Yah or Yah Devas, which went on to become Yadavas.

A large number of Jewish names and concepts can be traced back to Krishna and Yadavas of India, and the Indian religion, through some simple linguistic analysis. Given that Ramayan says Ram was born in Ayodhya. How would you feel if you cannot locate Ayodhya? Would you not immediately feel that all Ramayan is complete farce? Bhagavatam says Krishna was born at Mathura. How would you feel if Mathura cannot be located?

As per bible, just before his death, Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pisgah. There, the Lord shows him the promised land, after which he is said to have died.We do not want here to make a compendium of angelology as it developed over the centuries, since there already exist a widespread literature on the subject.

It must be read from right to left. Lot insists and the Malakhim accept to go with him.

The two unfortunate Malakhim realize the risky situation. The narration continues. These migrators from Saptha Sindhu are joined by other migrators from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and other regions, who are also displaced by the drought, and a new gigantic civilization springs up in Europe. He dies accidentally and is believed to have risen from the dead on the seventh day after being pinned to a tree for six days.

The "Glory of God" that Moses asks to see No, Krishna was born in place called Satana in India - still in existence today.