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English grammar book round up 4 teachers guide. Khánh Nguyễn Minh. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper. Home · English Grammar Book - Round-UP 1. English Grammar Book - Round- UP 1. October 16, | Author: Rikatrina Alagon Bajacan | Category: N/A. Inspire a love of reading with Prime Book Box for Kids Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1.

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Mary and Linda a radio. We a cat. He a car. They a T. Bill a watch. Jane an apple. She a pencil. Tony a horse. We a ball. Underline the correct word as in the exam Ie: She is my, mine sister. This is Susan's cat. It's her, hers.

The balm their, theirs. Mine eyes are blue. This is my, mine pen. This umbrella is you, yours. This is our, ours T. This is Sam's ball. Mr Smith is their, theirs father. Look at the table below and answer the uestions.

Mary M V: What has Mary got? She has got at bicycle. She hasn't: What have Chris and George got? What has Jane got? What has Sam got? Ask and answer as in the exam le: Yes, that's her book. Revision Ii 4. Ann doll 5. They 1 car 6. Tim pen. Look at the ictures and write sentences as in the exam le: Write as in the example: Paul is twelve years old.

He ie twelve years olel. The cat is in the house. The children are in the park. Susan and l are friends. Helen is my friend. The horses are on the farm. Revision II. Look at the exam Ie and write. George He ie George. Where is the cat? Who is Ben? Who is Tony? Are the children at home? No, isn't. Are you and Sally sisters? Where is Sally? Yes, is. Where is the horse? No, is an orange. Are these your cats? Look at the table and com Iete the sentences as in the exam le: You Liz Liz has got one brother: Hie name ie Joe.

He ie Liz has got two eietere. Their names are Jean and Kate. Jean ie 16 and Kate is John 2. Sally and Helen 3. Write about you: I Choose the correct item. There la a book on the table. There are two on the table.

This is car. Kate from Italy. She a red dress. Jenny is sister. I a doctor. These shoes are. This is elephant. Are friends? Can you drive? No, I can't. Ask and answer uestions as in the exam le: Yes, he can.

Can you? Can he? Can she? Can it? Can we? Can they? Can you see a bus? Can you see a cat? Can you see a dog? Can you see a girl? Can you see a bird? Can you see two trees? Can you see a rabbit? Can you see a baby? Can you see a woman? Can you see a boy? Dogs can drive. Helicopters can fly. Camels can read. Babies can write. Birds can fly. Elephants can ride bicycles. Dolphins can swim. Look at the table below, then ask and answer questions. Now complete the above table about you and answer the questions.

Can you read? Can you swim? Can you dance? Imperative Let's play tennis! Close the door, please! Match the following with the pictures. Close the window. Let's run into the house! Come here, please! Let's go to the supermarket! Clean your room. Please don't eat so much! Please don't sit on that chair! Eat your breakfast. Let's work in the garden! Let's sit on the sofa!

download me a hamburger. Do your homework. Let's listen to these records! Let's dance! Wash the dishes. Give me a glass of water. Clean the floor. Go to bed, please! Game 3 Your teacher divides the class into two groups.

Then he asks a student to come to the front of the class. The students. The group which finds out what the verb is wins 1 point. I can't. Group B S1: Group B wins. Your teacher may choose another leader and you can play the game again. It is working It's working It is not working It isn't working is it working? Add -in to the verbs. Present Continuous write - writing dance - dancing B see ' Seeing. Add -in to the verbs as in the exam le: Write short answers.

Is she sleeping? Is he reading? Are you eating? Are the boys playing football? Is she swimming? Is e riving a car. Are the birds singing? Are the monkeys eating? Is the man sitting? No, sh isn't. Are they dancing? Is she watching T. Is she talking on the telephone? Is the baby smiling? Present continuous. Look at the Eictures and write as in the examglez 1. Short form: Present Continuous. Write guestions as in the example: Am the boy riding bicycles Is the women watching T.

Are Jane cooking in the kitchen I sleeping Jeff eating an orange the girls doing my homework 1. Ask uestions as in the example: Yes, Tom is cleaning his room. Yes, I am washing the dishes. Yes, they are sleeping. Father is reading a newspaper. Yes, Mother is drinking coffee. Write ne ative sentences as in the exam Ie: Bob is reading a newspaper.

The boys are playing with the dog. Jim is going to school. The teacher is talking to Mrs Huston. Mrs Morton 4. The men are riding horses.

The girl is eating an apple. Look at the ictures and ut the verbs into the Present Continuous. It's 7 o'clock on Monday morning. The family is in the kitchen. Mr and Mrs West are drinking drink coffee. Grandfather read a newspaper. Joe go to school. The cat and the dog eat. It's 5 o'clock on Monday afternoon and the family is in the living room.

Mr West watch T. Mrs West talk on the phone. It's 10 o'clock on Sunday morning. The family is in the garden. Mr and Mrs West sit in the sun. Joe and David play football. Look at the above ictures cover the text and sa what the family is doing. Now look at the ictures a ain. Ask and answer each other uestions then write 4 sentences as in the exam le: What are Mr and Mre Green doing in the let picture?

They are drinking coffee. Present Continuous Look at the picture and write sentences as in the example: Mr Green is sleeping. H5 ie reed. Mrs Green is swimming. Grandmother is singing. Grandfather is sleeping. Simon is looking at the birds. Mike is cleaning the windows. The ducks are running. The birds are singing. Present Continuous 8. The cat is drinking milk. James is watering the flowers. Are tney playing tennie? No, they aren t. They're playing football.

Write negative sentences as in the example: They aren't playing in the garden now 1. Write sentences as in the exam Ie: The Children are having breakfaet. Game 4 Your teacher divides the class into two groups.

He then asks a student the leader to come to the front of the class. I am swimming. The students, by asking questions, try to guess. The group which finds out what is written on the paper wins 1 point. Are you cooking? Are you drinking water? Are you swimming? Group A wins one point. Simple Present '2: He is running to school. He likes He does not like He doesn't like Does he like? It likes It does not like It doesn't like Does it like?

We like We do not like We don't like Do we like? You like You do not like You don't like Do you like? They like They do not like They don't like Do they like? We use Simple Present for permanent or habitual actions. Do you like apples? Simple Present. Com Iete the sentences as in the exam le: Simon's routine day 1.

Simon livee live in London. He stop work at 2 pm. He work in a school. He have lunch at 2. He start work at 8. He read books in the afternoon. He go to bed at 10 o'clock in the evening. Look at the ictures and answer the uestions. What does Alison do in the morning?

What does she do at noon?

What does she do in the afternoon? What does she do in the evening? Simple Present What do you do every day? Write four sentences: Simple Present Complete the sentences as in the example: We mi like fish. She eat chicken. I drive a car. They do their homework. You live in Italy. He play tennis. Simple Present Look a ain at exercise Ask and answer uestions as in the example: Does Caroline like egge?

Doee Caroline like chicken? No, she doesn't.

Shop Round Up 6 Students Book 6 Round Up Grammar Practice

Yee, ehe doee. Write one sentence for each erson as in the exam le: Match the ictures with the sentences. Father usually cleans the car. Sue usually takes the dog for a walk. Bob usually feeds the dog. Grandfather usually works in the garden. Mother usually goes shopping. Grandmother usually cooks our dinner. Now look at the ictures and write what each erson is doin toda. TODAY 1. Bob ie cleaning 2. Sue the car today. Mother 5. Father 6. Grandmother Write what the usuall do and what the are doin toda.

Simple Present Game 5 Your teacher will divide the class into two groups. Group A asks misleading questions about Simon look at exercise Group B answers the questions. When mistakes are made. Does Simon watch TV at 5 o'clock? No, he doesn't. He reads a book. Does Simon stop work at 12 o'clock? He stops work at 2 o'clock. Does Simon goes to bed at 10 o'clock?

Not goes. Does Simon go. Play the game again but this time Group B asks questions and Group A answers them. Look at the icture and write sentences as in the exam Ie: Mother 3. The girls 4.

The dog 5. Jenny lent writing a letter. Ask and answer as in the example: Yes, that's her pen. It's here. You badge. We car. Doee Mr 5rnith eat apples? Tom usually elrlrlke drink coffee, but today he ie drinking drink tea. He drive very fast. The baby sleep now. She be a dancer. They watch T. My father sing well. Mary listen to music now. Peter swim. Write the lural of the followin words. He is my, mine father.

New Round Up

This house is their, theirs. This is our, ours dog. The dog is our. This is Jane's coat. It's her, hers coat. Tina is your, yours friend. These are my, mine books. They are mine, my. This is him, his radio. These are her, hers shoes. These are my, mine pens. They are my. Revision Ill. Chan e into the lural as in the exam Ie: This is a balloon.

He is a policeman. It is a baby. That is a goose. This is a foot. This is a mouse. There is a sheep. The child is playing. This is a tooth. That is a wolf. It is a deer.

Lydia ehe 4. Father and Mother 5. George 6. She Ee my sister. How you? They my friends. I in the garden. I a good boy. Sally and I friends. Ben my brother. It a dog. Thie ie Mary'e hag. Thie beg ie here. Revision III 2. Sam 3. Grandpa 4. Mother radio Choose the correct item. This I5 my pencil. Mr Smith to work. They in a big house. A is walking 8 walk C are walking A is living B lives C live 3. John his bicycle. He his breakfast now. Sam drive a car. This isn't your book. Be quiet! Revision III She as a singer.

Look at them! They football. He work in a bank. Al is having B are having 0 have A doesn't 8 hasn't C don't. What does Carol do ever da? She works in the garden. Put the verbs'in brackets into the Sim le Present or Present Cont. What you do Tina? I write a letter to my friend. I usually do this every Saturday. Where be your mother? She work in the garden. She always cut the grass on Saturday. I look out of the window, now.

I watch your father. He clean his car. I know. Your family work very hard every Saturday! Question Words '3: Where do you come from? When is your birthday? Peter 4 Father's 4. Julie John's It's four o'clock. To the park. He's in the garden. May the 1st. At 7 o'clock. Here it is. They're teachers. They're my parents. It's near here. At noon. I'm George.

Question Words He's Mr Jones. It's Ann's. They're lions. At the zoo. It's mine. Choose the correct item. Who is this woman? Mrs Newton. It's Mary's. They're snakes. They like chocolate. In summer. To the shops. It's Tom's. On Sunday. In the bedroom. In your bedroom. They're cows.

It's my father's. Mrs Sheldon. In April. In Madrid. Our new teacher. It's a hen. It's Ted's. At school. Prepositions of Place ; Look at the picture and fill in the blanks.

Round Up 3 English Grammar Book New and updated pdf

There is a sofa. There is a table and there is a vase the table. There is a T. There is a window the door. There is a picture the wall. There is a table ' the picture and a telephone the table. There is a man the window. There is a cat the sofa. An old woman is coming the living room. Prepositions of Place GD Look at the picture and fill in the blanks.

There is a bed 1 " the bedroom. There is a table 2 the bedroom.

There are some books 3 the table and there is a bag 4 the table. There is a chair 5 the bedroom. The chair is 6 the ' A bed and there is a picture 7 the wall.

There is a cat 8 the ' ' bed. There are two shoes 9 the bed 10 the floor. There is a small table A dog is coming 12 the room. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks. There is a man standing 2 the door. He has got a bottle 3 his hands. A boy is sitting 4 a free. There is a boy 5 a horse. There are some ducks 6 the horse. There is a dog 7 the girI.

There is a bird flying 8 the girl's head. There is a cat 9 the woman. Prepositions of Place Game 6 In the Kitchen Your teacher will ask a student to come to the front of the class.

He will be the leader of the game. The mouse is near the cheese. Then the teacher divides the class into two groups. The groups ask the leader questions in turn until they find the mouse.

The winning group is the one which finds the mouse. Is the mouse behind the radio? Yes, it is. Group A wins 1 point. Now the teacher can choose another leader and you can play the game again. Prepositions of 'l'ime I5: Friday afternoon December 3. Wednesday Eid November 20th Monday evening 6. Christmas Monday Friday On Monday morning 8. January 3. December 25th Wednesday night May 1st February 2nd 6.

Tuesday afternoon Tuesday evening May Anne birthday is May 5th. We have breakfast the morning. We have lunch noon. We have dinner the evening. He usually goes to the park Sunday afternoon.

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