Simple lang naman ang gusto ni Samantha sa buhay, ang maka-graduate na may highest honors at talunin ang karibal niya sa academics na si Audrey. Revised edition. Copyright © all belongs to Ms. Alesana Marie, original author of TBYD. To ask other readers questions about Talk Back and You're Dead!, please sign up. i can't open the yes i have an account of wattpad but when.

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[Part One] from the story Talk Back And You're DEAD! #wattpad #teen-fiction TEEN CLASH BOOK 2: Just when you thought they . Fairytale from the story Wizard's Tale Trilogy ✓ by AegyoDayDreamer with reads. Sofie Ng · Soft Copy. Talk Back and You're Dead is a Philippine romantic comedy-action film directed by Andoy Ranay, topbilled by James Reid, Nadine Lustre and Joseph Marco. It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name originally published on Wattpad by Alesana Marie. .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. This answer closely relates to: Talk back and you re dead soft.

After reading this, I was like Samanta is soooo lucky: D sorry! Do you wanna die? You wanna die bitch? Baket lage nagtititili tong si Sam sa umpisa. OA lang haha. Crazy Trios? View all 5 comments. Sep 07, Kohi rated it liked it. Sakto lang. Cliche much. Walang gaanong special. Gusto ko lang yung Crazy Trios kapag nagrorole play kapag uuwi nang late si Sam. Aug 19, MsLucyYC rated it did not like it.

Please don't read this if you like the book, this is my opinion only. Again, I read this after my niece said she was going to watch the movie.

Yes, someone made a movie out of this book. I'm glad my niece didn't read this, I would gouge her eyes out if she did. Suffice to say I didn't like this.

Never Talk Back to a Gangster

If I could give negative stars I would. I rated this and even took the time to review it just to find out if I read the same shit thing others here did.

I read albeit briefly about a girl, a really pretty, popular, ballsy girl and a guy supposedly in a "gang" or whatever that says "bitch", "retard", "fuck" and "you wanna die? Is this the same book everyone's read? If yes, then I don't freakin' get it! There's a certain art in writing hot-but-mean characters that you still love 'em even though they are arrogant and annoying.

It's a very, very bad example to teens I sound like an old lady. I just want to share that there's no way in hell this attitude is "okay". Sep 24, Kevin Arriola rated it really liked it. I really enjoy reading the book because scenes are really exciting and thrilling.

It's a different story that I've read before. I said different in a sense that the girl is from a very rich family and studying in a exclusive school and the boy in the book is also coming from a wealthy family, studying also in a exclusive school and a gang leader so meaning, for both of them, money is really not a necessity.

They are so popular in their respective schools. The reason why boy suddenly falls in love I really enjoy reading the book because scenes are really exciting and thrilling. The reason why boy suddenly falls in love with the girl because of she's not same as any other girls is a cliche Palaban, at siya lang ang babaeng nagawang sampalin at harapin siya knowing na he's too hot and handsome para saktan.

I also think that there is a deep reason why boy loves girl and I assume that it will be revealed in the second half. Can't wait!

I feel these things because there is a scene that left me hanging. But on how they met? It's really funny and unforgettable. Thanks to the Crazy Trios, friends of girl who make me laugh out loud whenever I encounter them in the story.

Totally crazies! Overall, the book has a lot of breathtaking scenes. It is a page turner I must say. Questions in my mind have been answered in the end. There are also people involved that add to the complexity and entanglement of the characters' relationships.

A lot of kilig moments rin. Imagine, a gang leader who suddenly change himself including his looks and vices into something good just for the girl. I love their chemistry! View 1 comment. Oct 04, Toni G rated it it was amazing. My first reaction about seeing this book on National Bookstore, just some old boring story about a girl and handsome guy who fall in love with one another. I didn't think of downloading it but my curiosity sparks when I read the teaser at the back.

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The guy was a leader of a gangster,a cuss machine to the highest level and an over possessive boyfriend while the girl on the other hand was an ideal girl. What an interesting twist and this book didn't failed me. If you want to be entertained and to l My first reaction about seeing this book on National Bookstore, just some old boring story about a girl and handsome guy who fall in love with one another.

If you want to be entertained and to laugh till you drop this book is highly recommended. I can't wait for the second part, one of the best story in wattpad. Jul 01, Migs Fiel rated it liked it Shelves: The start was yuck. The middle part was good. No major turn of events, but entertaining. The end was sort of rushed. Lots of lines were too cheesy - well, what did I expect?

Oct 08, Cicay Foutley rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Kpop fanatics. Nakakatuyo ng utak! Didn't bother to read til the end. Won't even spare my time for the sequels.

Too much sugar and cliche.

Feb 07, Alexia rated it liked it. One word? Ang unrealistic kasi yung characters ang perfect na masyado.

I give it 2. Pero may mga times naman na kinikilig din ako kay TOP and Sam, kaya gagawin kong 3 stars. Aug 25, Jazzmin rated it did not like it.

I should be happy that this is a Jaejoong-and-TOP inspired book right? But hell no. The writing style is convincingly bad enough for me to dislike it.

It is too informal. It has too many unnecessary punctuation marks, cussing, and emoticons. It has no transitions, so it's confusing at times. The fangirl feels, spazzes, and moments would have been good if toned down five notches. I was not expecting too much for the plot, but only hoped for a decent one. This one has an unrealistic, illogical, and cheesy romantic plot. I pulled my hair lots of times because of stupidity of the recurring I'm-trying-to-be-a-heroine-but-I-constantly-need-saving-because-I-can't-fucking-take-care-of-my-shit drama.

I'm a big fan of strong and independent women, so you can do the math on how shitty this was for me.

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It's also bombarded with syntactical errors, and I don't even know how you guys managed to stomach this. Sep 27, Athena Jeunnesse Mae Tria rated it really liked it. Falling in love to the point im already looking forward for the book 2.

This book is not so bad, but not perfect. Chan Chan. Nana Tan.

Talk Back and You're Dead!

Tyra Bishop. Nikki Demata. Angelica D. Lei Chumacera.

Jodin Alido Mahinay. Harley Buctolan. Nikka Hipolito. Janet Garcia. Meriam Angelita Robles Alfaro. Ann Aguilar Sanaco. Ronallaine Obejas Mercado.

More From Celine Ko. Celine Ko. Baraa Dawod. Top with his gang, arrives at St. At the night club, Top asks Samantha to go on a date with him but she refuses.

In the middle of their argument, Piggy's gang arrives and starts a bar fight. Top was badly hurt after the fight and Samantha was so worried about his condition. She asks the doctor of Top's condition, and she mistakenly believes that he has a brain cancer and he will not last any longer.

Samantha agrees to be his girlfriend, then Top admits he will not die.

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Samantha realizes this and she intends to leave but she was threatened by Top to try to avoid him. Samantha also discovers that Top is not just a common gangster, but the leader of the Lucky 13, the most notorious gang of the district known for their many achievements in many fields, wealth and gang fights.

At the mall, Top breaks up with Hershey and introduces Samantha as his new girlfriend. Piggy's gang abducts Audrey as they mistakenly thought that she is Top's girlfriend in order to lure him at their hideout, but Top overpowers Piggy's gang and saves Audrey. Top confronts Samantha if she gave Piggy the information that Audrey was his girlfriend in which she denies.

He warns Samantha to be careful and not to get caught. Samantha believes that Top is just playing on her, so she confronts Audrey. Meanwhile, at dinner, Top told his parents that he already has a girlfriend and he will invite her for tomorrow dinner. Top picks up Samantha from school and brings her to his house for dinner with his family, but the dinner ends up with Top and his father arguing about the death of Top's mother. That night, Top breaks up with Samantha because she was too perfect for him, but Samantha has already fallen in love with him.

Samantha is badly hurt that Top broke up with her, then Audrey told her that Top was an ex-convict. After school, Samantha was abducted by Piggy's gang in order to avenge.

Top and his gang arrives at Piggy's hideout and start fighting where they overpower Piggy's gang. Samantha calls Top an ex-convict and he was stunned of what he heard, as Red takes Samantha home telling her that Top is not really a bad guy and it was the second time that Top saves her as the first was a mistaken identity caused by Samantha.Samantha is badly hurt that Top broke up with her, then Audrey told her that Top was an ex-convict.

Soft copy of never talk back to a gangster 1st half and 2nd half of alesana marie. What I hated so much was how the story turned out to be a mere hodgepodge of Asian drama tropes: Michael c. Add your answer.