Get Started Learn Salesforce Basics | PDF Set Up and Maintain Your Organization Experience for Your Org | PDF Learn the Salesforce Mobile App | PDF. Portal Guide · Salesforce Communities Recognition Badges Implementation Guide. Support Your Customers with Service Cloud | PDF PDF · Customer Portal Guide · Salesforce Communities Recognition Badges Implementation Guide. If you've spent any time working in, you know how powerful and expansive the platform is. If you've spent any time in.

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Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Auditing in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with PDF Version · Quick Guide. Salesforce manual. ''how to integrate Google maps within a Visualforce page''. Introduction. Showing a map alongside an address is really useful for your end. We've collected the best 32 Salesforce guides. Just exactly what Ultimate Salesforce User Guide Salesforce Lead Management Implementation Guide. How to Here's a quick reference to all the HTML and PDF versions.

In the world of CRM, Salesforce dominates with a Its closest competitors SAP Today, many companies are developing their applications on Salesforce platform or are migrating to Salesforce.

This has increased the demand for Salesforce developers and administrators. Currently, Salesforce Architect is one of the hottest skills to have on a tech resume.

I hope I have answered your question on why you should choose Salesforce. Now, let me introduce you to Salesforce and answer the question on your mind: What is Salesforce?

Welcome to Salesforce Tutorial

From tech giants like Google and Facebook to your nearby call center, all of them use Salesforce services and products to solve their problems. Salesforce now provides various software solutions and a platform for users and developers to develop and distribute custom software. This means that multiple customers share common technology and all run on the latest release.

This helps your organization focus on innovation rather than managing technology.

Through Salesforce, you can access a wide range of products and services in Cloud, Social and Mobile domains. Below is an image that shows the different services and products that Salesforce offers to its customers. If your company is engaged in business-to-business B2B and business-to-customer B2C , then sales cloud is the service your sales team needs.

The marketers in your organisation can use it to manage customer journey, email, mobile, social media, web personalization, content creation, content management and data analytics. It provides features like case tracking and social networking plug-in for conversation and analytics.

This not only helps your agents to solve customer problems faster, but also gives your customers access to answers. Using these answers your customers can solve problems on their own.

Salesforce Community Cloud — If you need a social platform for your organization to connect and facilitate communication among your employees, partners and customers then Salesforce Community Cloud is the service you need. You can use this platform to exchange data and images in real time.

It also provides for customer data integration so that your consumers can have a better experience. If your goal is to provide customer with a positive, engaging customer experience, Commerce Cloud is the service you need. Salesforce Analytics Cloud — The Analytics Cloud provides a business intelligence platform for your organization to work with large data files, create graphs, charts and other pictorial representations of data.

It is optimized for mobile access and data visualization and can be integrated with other Salesforce clouds. It provides you with a collection of development tools that you can utilize to create custom applications.

Some of the tools in the App Cloud include: Force. AppExchange is an online application marketplace for third-party applications that run on the Force. Heroku Enterprise gives developers the flexibility to create apps using their preferred languages and tools.

Salesforce Thunder is big data and rules processing engine designed to analyze events and take personalized actions. Salesforce Sandbox allows developers to test ideas in a safe and isolated development environment. The platform is built to take in massive volumes of data generated by devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers and partners.

On receiving this data, the platform initiates actions to give you real time responses. Through the patient profile you can support one-to-one relationship by integrating information from multiple data sources. Chatter can help you drive productivity by connecting employees wherever they are. There are four Checklist Items, you can see which of them have been completed along with any notes and who is responsible for completing the item.

This will enable you to access List Views of your Checklist Items and manage them all from one place. Event Synchronisation Event Synchronisation allows you to create a standard Salesforce. Note: Where a User has changed the Subject of the Event, when being updated, the Action will no longer overwrite this value. Before the records are cloned, you are able to make changes to the Milestone and Actions so they are relevant to the new Project or requirements.

Make the desired changes for the new Milestone and Actions and click the Clone Milestone button. Note: If the Milestone you are cloning relates to a skills based project, you will also be able to edit the view and edit the skills for the actions.

Docparser Salesforce Integration

So for example, I may have created a Project record, but not yet created any Milestones, Actions, etc. I may have two other Projects that between them already contain the detail of what is required on this new Project.

Therefore, I can use the Milestone Loader to go and grab a copy of the relevant records from each of the other two Projects.

As you start typing the Project Name, the search list will automatically begin to filter the list of Projects you can choose from.

Salesforce Tutorial

You can also choose to specify the Start Date for the first most Action being loaded in to the new Project, along with whether you want to clone the Checklist Items and Contributors. The process is slightly different for each option.

The Milestone created as part of the recurring process will have the same field values as the original Milestone.


The Milestone Name will have a number in brackets at the start of the string, indicating which recurrence it is. Each new recurrence of the Milestone is used to recur the subsequent Milestone. Therefore, any new Actions added to the current Milestone will be created as part of the next recurrence.

The below table illustrates how this will function. Recurring Actions An Action can be set to be recurring. Each Action created as part of the recurring process will have the same field values as the original Action, except for the Name and the Status.

The Name will have a number in brackets at the start of the string indicating which recurrence it is.

For example, an Action that has been configured to recur 3 times, will result in the following: Where the original Action Name is using all characters of the field string, the final four characters will be dropped from the string for subsequent recurrences to make room for the number.

Note: An Action that was set to be recurring within a recurring Milestone will not be recurred when the Milestone is recurred to prevent doubling up the required Actions within the new Milestone.After the installation is completed, you will receive email notification that the package is installed. Click on Related Lists in the left menu, then drag and drop the Agreements object to the desired place on the page layout. Our specialists are fully-trained engineers releasing frequent updates.

When the object page loads: 3. It would be great if this site content can be available as ebook also. In Step 2. Thank You!

Resource Assignment Wizard The Resource Assignment Wizard is a unique feature of Mission Control that not only allows you to easily add Action Contributors when creating your Actions, but also gives you insight into the availability and Skill sets of your Roles so that you can best decide which Roles to utilise as Contributors and as the Action Owner.