The edition of the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China covers most traditional Chinese medicines and Western medicines and preparations. The Update of Compiling Chinese Pharmacopoeia. 3. . By far, Editions of , , , , , , , , and Jan 1, , C.P. Committee and others published China pharmacopoeia Edition. Article · January with 8 Reads Request Full-text Paper PDF.

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Compilation of the Pharmacopoeia of the People's. Republic of China (known as the Chinese. Pharmacopoeia ) has been completed by the Ninth. Chinese. General Notices General Principles 1. The Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China known as Chinese Pharmacopoeia in. As per The Chinese Pharmacopoeia English Edition. Dissolution Media in Compliance to the Chinese Pharmacopeia - Product No. (Ready to Use.

Pharmacopoeia of The People's Republic of China: Volume I

Volume II contains a total of 2, types of chemical drugs, antibiotics,biochemical drugs and radioactive drugs, including new admissions, newrevisions and 28 rejections. Volume III contains a total of biologicalproducts, including 13 new admissions, new revisions and six rejections. Inorder to address such problems as repetitive inclusion of testing methods andlack of coordination, consistency and standardization among various methods,this edition of pharmacopoeia has consolidated the common appendices of variousvolumes of pharmacopoeia and renamed the original appendices into generalrequirements, including general requirements of preparations, testing method,standard substances, reagents and guiding principles.

A standard coding systemhas been re-established and for the first time, the general requirements andpharmaceutical excipients have been separately included into Volume IV of theChinese Pharmacopoeia. Volume IV contains a total of general requirements,including 38 general requirements for preparations, for testing methods, 30for guiding principles and nine for standard substances and testing solutionsand reagents; types of pharmaceutical excipients, including newadmissions, 97 new revisions and two rejections.

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This edition of pharmacopoeia is characterized by thefollowing features: The number of included products has been significantlyincreased. Adjustment has been intensified for certain products with incompletestandards, suspension of manufacturing for many years, excessive clinicaladverse reactions and unreasonable dosage forms.

This edition of pharmacopoeiano longer contains a total of 43 products originally included under the edition of pharmacopoeia. The pharmacopoeia standard system has been further improved.

Variousappendices of the previous version of pharmacopoeia have been consolidated intothe Volume IV of this edition of pharmacopoeia.

The revision has improved thepharmacopoeia standard system with general notice, general requirements and monographsas overall, basic and specific requirements respectively. The application of modern analytical technology hasbeen expanded.

On the basis of retaining conventional testing methods, thisedition of pharmacopoeia has further expanded the application of newtechnologies and new methods to increase the sensitivity, specificity andstability of testing. The following methods have been employed for the qualitycontrol of TCM, including liquid chromatography, tandem mass spectrometry,high-performance liquid chromatography, inductively coupled plasma massspectroscopy, etc.

The following methods of quality control have been employedfor chemical drugs, including supercritical fluid chromatography, criticalpoint chromatography, powder x-ray diffraction, etc. In addition, the newedition of pharmacopoeia has also adopted capillary electrophoresis for the testingof molecular isomers of monoclonal antibody products, and adoptedhigh-performance liquid chromatography for the testing of molecular sizedistribution of antitoxin and antiserum product, etc.

For the reserves of testingtechnology, the new version of pharmacopoeia has established method for DNAbarcode molecular identification of Chinese herbal medicine, pigment testingmethod, method for testing of fungal toxin in TCM, near-infrared spectrummethod, drug evaluation technology based on gene chip, etc.

Drug safety assurance has been further improved.

Volume II has further strengthened the control ofrelevant substances, enhanced the system applicability requirements of methods,and included the structural information of about impurities; included thecontrol of chiral impurity; included osmolarity testing for intravenousinfusion and eye drops and control requirements for bacteriostats in injectionsand eye drops.

Volume III has enhanced quality control of raw materials andexcipients for the manufacturing of biological products, standardized the useof antiseptics, and strengthened the control of residual solutions; includedthe osmolarity testing, revised and enlarged the complete genome sequencetesting of virus seed batch, and increased the rigor of bacterial endotoxininspection limits. Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 6, This singles compilation is as close as we'll get to a new Marked Men album, packed full of their frantic, hooky power pop.

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Chemical reference substances, unless specified otherwise, are used by calculation on the basis of dried or anhydrous materials. Guo, and X. Hao, J.

Cho, H. Chen, L.